Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last date I can add my open house?

It is recommended you add your open house in the MLS no later than 5pm on the Friday before Open House Weekend. However, to gain maximum traffic to your listings, please add as soon as possible.

How do I add my open house in the MLS?

Detailed instructions for adding an open house into flexmls® and Matrix™ are available here.
Note: There have been recent menu changes to the Flexmls® interface and the instructions have been updated accordingly.

How do I confirm that my open house has been added to the Open House Weekend website?

You can search for your open house on the buyer search page of From the home page, click on Home Buyers to bring up a search form. Then, enter your search criteria. Please allow up to 6 hours for your open house to appear in the open house search.

I added my open house in the MLS, do I need to do anything else?

That is all you need to do for your open house to appear on the buyer’s Open House search at However, you can stop at any of the six offices to pick up free balloons (2 per open house) to help identify the house. You can also drive even more traffic to your open houses by downloading available marketing materials.

How will home buyers know about my open house?

RAPB + GFLR is running print ads to drive traffic to the Open House search at Publications include: Sun Sentinel, the Palm Beach Post, and St. Lucie News Tribune. We are also running ads on Facebook and Instagram. Drive even more traffic to your open house by using the free downloadable marketing materials to invite buyers via email, social media, or in person.

How do home buyers enter for a chance to win the drawing?

To attact homebuyers to the ads and your listings, we included an “Attend to Win” drawing in the advertisements. Homebuyers that attend your open house(s) during Open House Weekend are eligible. To enter, they can visit and click on Attend to Win to complete the registration form any time during Open House Weekend.

How do I tell home buyers about the drawing?

When homebuyers arrive at your open house, encourage them to visit the Attend to Win page on and register for a chance to win or you can hand each person an Attend to Win postcard with details on how to enter. Pick up postcards at any of our six locations before Open House Weekend. If you cannot make it to our office, you may print the postcard located in the marketing downloads section.

Who is eligible for the drawing?

Only consumers who attend an open house during Open House Weekend. One entry per person. RAPB + GFLR employees and members are not eligible.

When will the winner be announced?

Within two weeks after Open House Weekend ends, the Association will contact the winner and an announcement will be posted on our RAPB + GFLR Facebook page, as well as posted on the Open House Weekend website.

What will you be doing with the contact information collected from the drawing?

This information is collected for the sole purpose of selecting a winner and gauging consumer attendance. We encourage you to capture your own Open House attendee information for follow up. We recommend using an app/website such as Open House Pro to collect information. Download the App by visiting the Apple or Google Play Store.